Essential Oils Use: what can they do for you?

Essential Oils Use: what can they do for you?

From ancient times essential oils have been used for so many things, and in many ways. It all depended on what people wanted to achieve, whether getting rid of stress, achieving success in life, or harmony in their families.

Egyptians used them in temples already around 3500 B.C. and even nowadays there are essential oils like incense, myrrh, aloe and so others that are considered sacred, and capable of opening a channel to sacred realms of existence. It is said that they work by helping our consciousness raise above normal level of mundane perception and bring it into higher tune and higher understanding of the whole we belong to.

Already from this short intro, you should realize that there are normal essential oils uses, as well as higher uses, superior uses for essential oils, some even closely related to the very purpose of human existence on this planet, and to our individual personal spiritual journey.

Essential oils have also been found useful for so many other problems such as quitting smoking, increasing concentration, or elevating our feelings of unity and inner strength. For so many things they work, we only need to learn how to do it.

So how do we do it? How can we use essential oils? Here are the main ways:

  • Oil diffusers: use essential oils in your house, in some rooms or all of them, scent them with specific fragrances, depending on the purpose of that specific space and on what you want to attract: love, peace, happiness, understanding, success. Avoid using them around babies under 2 years (there’s risk of eye irritation and so on). Also pay attention not to saturate the air, as they can have irritating effects
  • Massage is a great art, it’s the art of touch, of feel, of returning to the feeling of the body that we forgot when we focused to much on the mind and intellect. Use massage as often as you can, it’s best to do it in the family, and perfect if done between husband and wife, cause the vibration of the couple will thus strengthen and also their unity and reciprocal understanding. Learn to get in touch with your body using essential oils such as lavender, cedar or pine. Dilute essential oils before usage in carrier oil, because normally essential oils are denser and are not adapted for massaging uses. Rub slowly and relaxed enjoying the benefits of aromatherapy. And remember: there are also oils more adequate for different skin types and ages.
  • Steam inhalation is a great way to heal by allowing the vapors to reach the brain directly: the sense of smell is very closely related to sensitivity and the brain, as smell can heal, just like music can heal and touch, and color. Don’t ignore the strength of aromatherapy, molecules of oil will hit the mucous membrane and reach the brain which will try to rebalance and heal. Use 5 to 8 drops in hot water, stay 10-12 inches above and inhale. It will also do great for your skin, as pores will open up
  • domestic uses: in the bathroom, in the garbage cans (lemon or tea tree oil), in the kitchen to eliminate food smell, or in the living room are only a few of the potential household essential oils uses. Do you have a romantic evening coming up? Consider using lavender to create a magical relaxing atmosphere.
  • Healing bruises– apply on bruise and let it do the job. they have anti-bacterial usage, and fungicide uses, so the body will heal more rapidly and no scars remain behind
  • Skin care is also a great way to use essential oils: smooth the skin if too dry, bring it back to a normal shining state. Remember that the skin is an organ of our body that we must not ignore, considered by medicine as the 3rd kidney, and it must be kept in good shape. Since every skin is different, you can even use various essential oils and creams to create YOUR OWN PERSONAL formula, 100% adapted to you: just add 15-20 drops of the recommended essential oils into 100 ml moisturizer base and you’ll have your customized moisturizer formula. Ointments, creams, compresses, poultices, liniments are all potential skin uses for essential oils.

Learn, then apply. You’ll have a great power at your finger tips with the help of essential oils and aromatherapy. Imagine being able to help the loved ones by bringing them together, digging up long forgotten feelings (such as in case of family problems) and so on. Use lavender, cinnamon, lemon or whatever is needed.

Hope you found this essential oils uses guide useful:).

Take care, come back for more insightful information on the wonderful world of essential oils uses and aromatherapy!

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