How To Choose The Best Baby Monitor

Hello and welcome to the baby monitor reviews and best baby monitor article. At here, you will find the best baby monitor reviewed and rated including best baby movement monitor and best video baby monitor systems so you can easily find the best baby monitor for you and your child.

My husband and I are about to have a third child soon and we have never been able to find a satisfactory baby monitor we decided it was high time that we tested some and gave our honest reviews of some of the more popular baby monitors available.

Best Baby Monitor

Just below you will see some of the features you should look out for when buying a new baby monitor as well as links to the top three baby monitors in each category.

I hope you enjoy our baby monitor reviews – best baby monitor blog and if you have any comments and or questions please don’t hesitate to drop me a line.

How To Choose The Best Baby Monitor

There are a number of different baby monitors on the market these days and all that choice can mean confusion. In reality there are three different types of baby monitors:

1, The more traditional wireless baby monitors. Many of these use DECT technology these days for a higher quality signal that avoid interference.

2. Baby monitor with motion sensing technology. Many of these types of baby monitors incorporate both sound and movement. These can be a good choice for parent who are worried about SIDs.

3. Baby Video Monitor. Not only do you can to hear your baby while they are sleeping you also get to see them on your own personal video screen that in linked to a small video camera.

This is a just a basic description of each type of baby monitor currently available. Below I have written detailed writes up for each type of baby monitor and also reviewed and ranked the best choices in each category.

The Different Types Of Baby Monitors

In this article we will go in to greater detail about the different types of baby monitors that are currently on the market and also some of the features you should be aware of when choosing the right baby monitor.

Sound Baby Monitors

If you just want a baby monitor that will tell you when your baby is crying on in distress without the need to see them or know if they are moving around then a sound monitor is the best choice for you. There are a number of different types of sound monitors on the market these days:

  1. Analog Baby Monitor – These are the traditional baby monitors that have been around for many years. They are usually the cheapest to buy but also have the most problems when it comes to getting interference and suffer from poor sound quality. You may for instance pick up the signal of other baby monitors used in your area and you will suddenly be hearing not only your babies crys but your neighbours across the road as well!
  2. Digital Baby Monitors – These are a step up from the analog monitors and have better sound quality, less interference and also more signal range. You can usually switch between a few channels to try and avoid interference that may occur
  3. DECT Baby Monitor – These type of baby monitors offer exceptional sound quality with no static or interference from neighboring baby monitors. They also tend to be the most expensive type of sound baby monitor.Most monitors that use the DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunication) system constantly scan over 100 channels and switch effortlessly between channels automatically should the slightest disruption be detected. Also, many of the better DECT system encrypt the signal between monitors so that it is secure and can not be interfered with by an outside source.

Baby Movement Monitor

These type of baby monitors are a more recent innovation and enable the parent to not only listen to their baby buy also detect their movements from another room. Usually if there has been no movement for 20 seconds or so then an alarm will sound alerting the parent. These baby monitors come with a pad that you place under the babies mattress and then a cord is run to a transmitter which then sends a signal to other baby monitors in other rooms. Baby movement monitors do have their drawbacks though. Flase alarms can be common and also if you forget to turn the unit off after taking the baby out of the crib of course the alarm will sound

Baby Video Monitor

If you like the idea of not only hearing your baby sleeping at night but also seeing them then a baby video monitor is the one for you. Many of the video monitors are equipped with night vision and have a range of up to 500 feet away. Many of the better ones also come equipped with a night light. Some models are only black and white while the more expensive models come equipped with a color screen. Some of the problems with video monitors are usually the frame rate can be lacking and also the resolution can be lacking.

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